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Danish politician Rasmus Paludan singled out – sex-chatted with children

Published 27 Aug 2021

The Danish leader of the far-right Stram Kurs is singled out for rough sex chats with minors, as young as 13, according to the newspaper Ekstrabladet , which has seen the chat logs.

Now Danish Save the Children is considering reporting the politician to the police.

In a written comment to Ekstrabladet, Rasmus Paludan denies wrongdoing.

“A storm in a glass of water”, writes Rasmus Paludan about the accusations.

Rasmus Paludan is a controversial politician. In Denmark, he has made himself known for violent outbursts against Islam and during demonstrations he has, among other things, set fire to the Koran.

In Sweden, the aftermath of a planned Paludan demonstration led to riots in Malmö. 

At the same time, in the last Danish election, he was close to entering the Norwegian Parliament, and his party has received two million in annual party support, according to Ekstrabladet.

According to Ekstrabladet, he now conducts much of his political activity on the online forum Discord, but according to Ekstrabladet, it is not only politics that Paludan discusses with the participants in his network on the forum. 

This is revealed by Ekstrabladet after infiltrating the chat groups.

Rough sexual content

According to the newspaper, during discussions on the forum, Rasmus Paludan has talked about gross sexual matters and told stories with gross sexual content. He is also said to have shared images with sexual content on the forum, where users can both write messages to each other and communicate with sound and images. 

Many of the other participants are underage boys, some as young as 13 according to what they themselves stated during the discussions.

According to the material obtained by Ekstrabladet, Paludan is driving the discussions. When Paludan is present at the forum, the discussions are about politics, sometimes violence and often sex, according to Ekstrabladet. 

In many of the discussions, he turns directly and talks to and about the other participants, some of them children. 

The newspaper notes that when the boys talk without the party leader present, the topics are rather school, computer games and politics.

Rasmus Paludan’s actions may be illegal, according to Sten Schaumburg-Müller, professor of law.

– My assessment is that, based on what I have heard, it is punishable according to section 232 when the audience is under 15 years old, he tells Ekstrabladet.

Denies crime

Psychologist Ane Lemche from Danish Save the Children has taken part in the discussions.

– What we see in the clips you have shown us is a grown man surrounded by boys and teenagers in a chat forum where he tells humiliating, degrading and violent sexual stories. 

According to what she tells Ekstrabladet, Rädda Barnen is now considering reporting Paludan to the police.

In a written comment to Ekstrabladet, Rasmus Paludan denies any crime, and that he would have shared sexual material in the chat.

“I completely deny that I would have broken the law. I think it is relevant to talk to people about what is in their lives in a forum for young people. Young people’s lives consist, among other things, of sex, but also a lot of other things.”

“If I have had discussions with sexual content, it has been on channels aimed at participants over the age of 15.”

“Most of my conversations on the server are about politics, religion and computer games. I think it’s a storm in a teacup if I’ve talked online with users, whose age I don’t know, about sex, among other things.”

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