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‘Evil’ pervert husband jailed for assault on child

A perverted husband has been branded a ‘monster’ by his wife for sexually assaulting a child and subjecting his partner to a series of humiliating sexual demands. The 35-year-old relentlessly pestered the woman to wear nappies during their relationship and lost his temper if she refused his wishes.

He told her she was the one who was ‘not normal’ and everybody had a fetish. The woman told Exeter Crown Court that her life had been made a misery by his belittling and controlling behaviour. She left him after growing suspicious he had sexually abused a baby. She also discovered horrific images of internet child abuse on his phone.

The defendant, from East Devon, was convicted of seven offences after a trial in July. He returned to court on Friday and was jailed for eight years with an extended four-year licence period imposed due to the danger he poses.

The judge said his ‘superficial’ lies hid a ‘deeply ingrained sexual interest in children’ and it would be a long haul before he accepted responsibility for his actions. 

The jury found the defendant guilty of sexually assaulting a child under 13; two offences of cruelty to a person under 16; controlling behaviour while in an intimate relationship; and three offences of possessing indecent photos of a child.

The victim said in a statement that her husband was a ‘monster’. She said he had tormented her for years and tried to make her think she was the bad one in the relationship. She still suffers with night terrors and giving evidence at the trial had forced her to relive the horrific experiences.

“One evil man has changed my life forever,” she said.

The trial was told the defendant had a fetish for making his partner wear a nappy and constantly bullied her into satisfying his demands. He bought her an adult-sized baby grow and wanted her to wear that as well. He would want to have sex with her when dressed in nappies. If she refused his wishes he would get angry.

The woman went to police and told them the relationship had started well but grown worse over time. He would get angry and shout at her if she did not do what he wanted or wear what he demanded.

One witness told the jury he boasted about his wife doing anything he wanted and having complete control.

When police searched the man’s computer they found photos which backed up his wife’s story. The woman said she would do as he wished to stop him being angry and avoid arguments.

Police found thousands of indecent images of children downloaded from the internet on the man’s phone. A total of 180 depicted the most serious kind of child sexual abuse.. He also used a VPN so his online activity could not be traced.

The defendant told police his wife had wanted to take part in the sexual role play and denied all the offences. 

Judge Johnson said there was compelling medical evidence the child had been sexually assaulted and he had humiliated and degraded his wife. 

He said paedophiles often maintained their innocence in order to get the support of family and friends. “In short, you haven’t even started your rehabilitation process and it’s going to be a very long haul before you accept responsibility for what you have done,” said the judge. “In my opinion you are dangerous for young children and babies.”

He will serve at least two thirds of his eight year sentence in prison and the remaining four years on licensed release. He must sign the sex offender register and a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for an indefinite period and was made subject to a restraining order not to contact the victims.

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