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Texas teacher’s RAPE sentence delayed after she gives birth

The all too common ‘double standard’ with male and female child rapists is at it again. 60 days for a female teacher who raped a 13 yr old boy over and over. Prosecutors wanted 40 years!

No, it’s NOT SEX! Something journalists cannot seem to understand.

A teacher has admitted to having sex with a 13-year-old boy in her classroom.

Marka Bodine, 32, will be jailed for just 60 days for sexually abusing the boy – but her sentence has been delayed because she has just had a baby.

Marka Bodine will serve a 60-day sentence, though prosecutors hoped for 40 years.

Prosecutors had hoped for a sentence of up to 40 years in prison.

Bodine met the boy while teaching English at Tomball Intermediate School in Texas.

The victim told police that Bodine started chatting to him on Fortnite before they started texting.

The messages became explicit and they had sex shortly after he turned 13.

The abuse continued for three years, with Bodine having sex with the boy in her classroom and in her car on several occasions, court documents said.

She even moved into his apartment complex following her divorce.

The abuse came to light when Bodine told her school principal that she was being harassed by a former student, who was threatening to harm himself.

Police searched Bodine and the boy’s phones and found the explicit messages.

She admitted sending inappropriate pictures and videos, and later admitted having sex with the boy, who is now 16.

Bodine’s sentence has been delayed because of the recent birth of her baby. Her victim is not the father. She must also register as a sex offender.