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Who is Jason Daron Mizner? Sick pedo who raped GF’s daughter, 2, gets SPECIAL jail privileges

Warning: This blog contains information about child sex abuse that could be traumatic for some readers. Discretion is advised.

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA: A perverted rapist and child abuser has won an interim claim which said his human rights were breached by housing him in prison with a cellmate. Jason Daron Mizner who is in his late 40s, filmed himself repeatedly sexually assaulting a two-year-old girl.

The former Gold Coast yoga teacher had committed vile pedophile crimes across two countries including muzzling a toddler to stop her screaming. He had previously complained his jail time was excessive.

According to a report, Mizner has won a temporary Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) order that he will not be placed in a shared cell until his discrimination case is decided.

He has served 11 years in a Thai prison for raping and videotaping toddlers before being deported to Australia. However, Mizner claims discrimination by Queensland Corrective Services for placing him in a two-man cell.

Jason Daron Mizner already served 11 years in prison in Thailand and is currently serving 19 years in Queensland, Australia, for child-sex crime cases

Mizner is now held at Wolston Correctional Centre, Queensland, as his original claim under the Anti-Discrimination Act is being determined by QCAT. The tribunal heard a prison psychiatrist supported Mizner’s request not to share a cell due to ‘persistent emotional hyperarousal, hypervigilance and intrusive recollections’ consistent with PTSD.

Mizner claims Corrective Services failed ‘to give proper consideration to his human rights in making decisions and that a prison psychologist told him he didn’t meet the requirements for the ‘Do Not Double Up’ list. Corrective Services argue Mizner is suitable for shared accommodation, and QCAT heard single cells are the exception at overcrowded Wolston prison, with inmates only placed in a cell alone under extreme circumstances.

Wolston prison (above) which also houses child killer Brett Cowan and wife killer Gerard Baden-Clay, will have to find a single cell for Mizner because he suffers PTSD from Thai jail where he served time for raping a baby

Some of the other infamous and notorious inmates at Wolston Correctional Centre include the pedophile killer Brett Peter Cowan of Brisbane schoolboy Daniel Morcombe, and wife killer, Gerard Baden-Clay. Mizner claims he is impaired by disorders including post-traumatic stress from his time in a Thai prison, where he served more than a decade for raping a baby. He also says that he is suffering from autism, an acquired brain injury, and foot or leg injuries which make it difficult for him to share a cell with another inmate. It looks like Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) will permanently grant him his wish because sharing with another cellmate is unbearable for someone who suffers ‘persistent emotional hyperarousal’.

65 child-sex offenses against Mizner

Mizner is currently serving 19 years in Queensland for 65 child-sex offenses including a two-year-old girl in the early 2000s who he repeatedly raped over a three-month period. His sickening rap sheet included more than 30 counts of rape and videotaping the assaults.

The pedophile was arrested while on holiday in Thailand where he had befriended a Thai woman whose baby daughter he had begun to assault sexually. Back on the Gold Coast, the mother of a two-year-old girl had found a bag of his possessions at home which included handwritten notes with children’s names, details on how to exploit them, and videos of his horrifying abuse. The bag also contained addresses of single mothers and plans for a child exploitation ring along with the recordings and names of children.

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