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Victoria Institute of Teaching (Australia) REGISTER OF DISCIPLINARY ACTION (RODA)

Do you have children or know someone who has children, going to school in Victoria Australia?

If you would like to know names and reasons teachers have been suspended or found guilty for sexual offences, please click on the link below. I am sure 99% of the Victorian population has no idea this list even exists.

Well now you do and you as a parent have every right to know about this list.

What you will see for yourself, is the shocking volume of teachers who have been suspended or found guilty for being convicted or found guilty of a sexual offense. Scroll down the 17 page register slowly and look to the right column named, ‘ACTION‘ for the reasons why the teacher was suspended or found guilty. Count how many sexual offence cases there are. Unfortunately, it doesn’t show if the teacher is still in the education department.

It’s both shocking and sickening to read. I know for a fact school administration and heads of schools, do their very best to keep these teachers and offences a secret. They do not want bad publicity and outrage from parents, so they sweep these horrible sexual abuse offences and crimes under the carpet, hoping no one finds out. Complete disregard for the safety of other students and once again, another body that protects paedophiles over our kids. I will guarantee, many teachers who get suspended would only be moved to a different role or area within the Victorian education department.

When will this stop? When will everyone start putting the safety of kids over paedophiles?

This teachers disciplinary register, like the potential Australian national public sex offenders register as the USA have, is a safety tool. It is not a vigilante tool as paedophile sympathizers will shout. At the end of the day, the safety of our kids must override everything and everyone else.

Please note, this is the same register some main stream media journalists use when they actually bother about writing a story relating to child sex predators and not writing horseshit. This register is updated about every two to three weeks so the URL keeps changing.

If the link above is broken it’s because they have updated the list. If broken, go to Register of disciplinary action (RODA) | Victorian Institute of Teaching (

and search for the updated URL (list) by scrolling down the page and clicking on the image below. This will pull up the updated list.


Let’s start protecting kids. It starts with raising awareness and speaking out about these topics.

Please share fare and wide, especially if you are in Victoria Australia.