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Who Wants The Project Rescue Children Charity In Kenya Dead?

By Soko Directory Team / Published January 20, 2022

Project Rescue Children will not tolerate frauds, corruption or those spreading propaganda & defamation.


Project Rescue Children ’s entry into Kenya in 2019 was a welcomed move that looked at partnerships with local authorities and works with communities living in Mombasa, Nairobi, Naivasha, Nakuru, Kisumu Kakamega, Busia among others.


Kenya stands to lose big time if the practice of kickbacks, corruption, and easy money is left to dictate who can work with the good citizens of this country and must be condemned by all those in a position to do so.

“This is a narration of a sad story of a rogue organization that was to bring down the Project Rescue Children that has done more to positively impact to societies in Kenya. At the end of this narration, the question will be, who wants this organization dead?”

Project Rescue Children (PRC) is a ‘Not for Profit ‘organization registered in The Gambia and Australia. PRC’S vision and mission is the welfare and protection of children from violent societal ills like human trafficking, child labor, sexual exploitation, commercial sexual exploitation, child molestation, and rape.

PRC’s entry into Kenya in 2019 was a welcomed move that looked at partnerships with local authorities and works with communities living in Mombasa, Nairobi, Naivasha, Nakuru, Kisumu Kakamega, Busia among others.

Its role was also to create awareness campaigns, assist law enforcement by donating much-needed equipment to do their job professionally and safely, root out, name and shame pedophiles, train children, caregivers, parents, and even the police on warning signs to look out for and what to do in such scenarios among others.

Project Rescue Children partnered with a local elderly couple in Nyakach in Kisumu County, after PRC learned of what they were doing with the local kids in the area, despite their limited resources, and unregistered at the time, (now registered as Ray of Hope).

This brought a partnership arrangement that would start the complete refurbishment of the home, which would also be known as PRC’S administrative office that helped the people from that region.

The Fundraiser

Project Rescue Children held a fundraiser in Brisbane Australia in October 2020 with partners BEINC a marketing company based in Brisbane, to support its programs and projects across the globe. It raised through donations $128,000 within three hours.

The Suspicious Partnership

In 2021 PRC and BEINC decided to have other NGOs involved to help them. BEINC invited an unknown charity called GBV Trust.

After carrying out research and due diligence into GBV Trust PRC found that this was not a registered charity in Australia and in fact had its charity deregistered by the ACNC (Australian Charity Commission).

Further research found that it had opened five companies in one day raising suspicions of its true activities. After they were reused charity status in Australia, GBV Trust opened a charity in Kenya using another charity named Dr. Rose Foundation which was a registered charity in Australia as a front for their suspicious activities and transferring of funds between Australia and Kenya.

On its website, it claimed to be a registered not-for-profit charity, and advertised donations were tax-deductible with the Australian Tax office.

These were debunked with further inquiries and found to be false. So, for the safety of PRC, its donors, and representatives, BEINC informed GBV Trust they would not take part in second Australia’s Largest Luncheon in 2021.

The Hell Broke Loose

GBV Trust led by Genevieve De la Reux was denied participation in the event. This did not go down well with her as she felt denied the recognition and opportunity such an event holds and of course money.

She engineered a series of online attacks through fake social media profiles and connecting with known Australian pedophiles who PRC has worked against for some time.

To fuel her hate campaign, and make it look more realistic, they used a known rogue Australian journalist named Cameron Houston from The Sydney Morning Herald, whose reputation has been questioned by numerous others including experienced Australian journalists.

As an investigation found Cameron Houston has been on a personal vendetta to undo the good name of PRC for some time. He has attempted with bad journalism, to defame PRC CEO numerous times in the past few years.

So, Cameron Houston didn’t hesitate to join in and conspire when the opportunity knocked on his door with the known pedophiles, trolls, and GBV Trust to create a defamatory article to try and discredit PRC. Project Rescue Children has its legal representation addressing this defamatory article.

After exposing GBV Trust with facts, they quickly removed (same day) and changed the false and misleading information on their social media accounts and official website.

GBV Working With Rogue Kenyan Officers

GBV Trust through its rouge officers’ connections within the Kisumu police, Mr. Phanuel Olango a married family man who was known to be in a sexual relationship with Genevieve Da Le Reux, and a Police Inspector Evelyn Ochieng who is a board member of GBV Trust as shown on the ACNC charity register.

PRC responded with an official complaint note to the police commander Mr. Peter Katam and corruption departments which are ongoing.

A large amount of effort by these rogue and corrupt individuals went into stopping the registration of PRC’s rescue center ‘Ray of Hope’. They prevented the CBO registration for about 11 months.

Through corrupt officers, the DCI-Kenya (who GBV Trust has a desk in their office and state on their website they are official partners) is said to have launched a malicious and fabricated investigation into PRC and its activities in Kenya.

PRC coordinator and PRC’s administrative office in Nyakach was made the center DCI’s investigation, a look into the accounts of the coordinator revealed nothing, no hidden stashes of monies in any secret accounts as falsely alleged by GBV Trust, no secretly acquired assets through proxy or otherwise.

They claimed through GBV Trust’s false allegations, that pictures of children by the river the PRC showed on its social media were random children from the street and PRC was exploiting the children for fame.

Totally and utterly ridiculously false, and easily proven as a lie when they were shown the same children on their website as children in their sponsorship program and living in the rescue center in Kisumu.

They then turned to secretly visit the administrative office to try and ascertain the value of the refurbishment done. After their surprise visit, everything was in order and nothing unusual. That was the report made. However, GBV Trust put out false information that there actually was no PRC center and was not established in Kisumu.


GBV Trust has thrived in lies and efforts to attack and discredit PRC’s excellent work within Kenya. They even created their propaganda and made a malicious complaint to the Australian Embassy hoping they would pass the complaint to the ACNC in Australia.

The story of a 9yr old girl being saved from an alleged marriage in the said defamatory article was carefully choreographed by the said rouge cops desperately trying to pin something on PRC, As it emerges now, the said 9-year-old child is actually a relative of Mr. Olango.

Mr. Olango has lived with the said family between 2020 -2021 in a government house located opposite the Judiciary building in the Milimani Estate in Kisumu.

The house is in the same locality as the Police Headquarter building where the rogue cops work and are identified as Kisumu Central.

The defamatory article by Cameron Houston also alleges that investigations into PRC were launched by the Inspector General of Police Mr. Hillary Mutyambai. There are several government agencies including the office of the DPP, DCI, CID, NIS among others, and the mention of the I.G’s name in this article was deliberately used to lend weight to a rather callously and maliciously written article, only meant to serve the purpose of the perpetrators, and to defame PRC and its works in Kenya.

This sadly is a Kenyan habit that has driven many investors and donor friends who are received with open hands when they cross over to neighboring countries.

Kenya stands to lose big time if the practice of kickbacks, corruption, and easy money is left to dictate who can work with the good citizens of this country and must be condemned by all those in a position to do so.


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