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Single Mums On Dating Sites

A mum who contacted me for help has 1 girl aged 4. In June 2020 she joined a dating site when she was 6 months pregnant with her 2nd. She met & quickly fell in love with a charming & handsome 27yr old male.

Within months & before the birth of her 2nd, her new love moved in with her & her daughter. Life was wonderful. What she didn’t know, was she was being groomed by a predator solely to gain access to her daughter (confessed to police).

In July 2021 she discovered slight bruising close to her daughter’s vagina along with patches of blood in her underwear. Now, I’ll leave it at that. She quickly asked her daughter what had happened. She told her mum that Jack (not real name) had put his fingers hard inside her vagina.

The mum terrified didn’t know what to do. First, she took her kids & left the house. I’ve been dealing directly with her since & after some support we managed to help her make the police report. The predator has since been arrested awaiting trial.

My point here, is not to criticise the mum or to scare the hell out of single mums, she knows & wants me to post her story to warn others. It’s also to educate others.

Of course people deserve & need love. However, when you have kids & are searching for love, you must put the safety of your kids before anything & anyone.

How do you know who is a predator? It’s impossible to know. Be vigilant & you MUST educate your kids on BODY BOUNDARIES. It’s your kids only protective tool when you’re not around. Single mums, don’t rush into having someone move into your house.

**DON’T put your kids images in your dating profile!!

Predators are just that, they prey on vulnerable kids & mums. How do I know? We see the chats in DarkWeb paedophile forums, clearly showing how they direct others & give tips to target dating sites & women who have kids.

Dating sites must introduce safety measures, using ID & criminal checks. They must also educate its members on these possible real dangers.

This wonderful mum has learnt her lesson the hard way & is trying to help educate others.

Be careful. Keep your kids safe, educate them & don’t trust anyone with them.

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