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Paedophiles using transgender laws to their advantage.

I often inform my followers about the risks of letting your kids (boy & girls) going to a public toilet alone. I stand by that one hundred percent. It’s a closed private space, that predators can & do use in order to get off, sexually abuse or take images of kids.

It’s a topic very rarely talked about but vitally important because by the time your kid(s) enter & leave a public toilet, theirs & your lives could change forever. This is not fear mongering, it’s a fact, a fact often swept underneath the carpet. It literally takes a predator seconds, to harm kids either physically or mentally for life.

Unfortunately with some of these transgender laws, it has added a whole new dimension to child safety. These laws will be exploiting by predators.

Listen, you can do what ever you want, you can change yourself into a flying pig I simply don’t care, but when something (transgender laws) puts MORE kids in harms way, adding to the already deplorable system working against kids safety, we must stand up & say enough is enough. Politicians are literally the snakes head harming kids & enabling predators to abuse kids with no impunity. Politicians are never held accountable.

Another dig, why is this small town the only news outlet reporting on such a serious threat to our kids?

Adam Whittington – Project Rescue Children


Woonsocket Pedophile Exploits Massachusetts Transgender Bathroom Law By Taking Pictures Of Girls In Wrentham Outlets Women’s Bathroom While Dressed As A Woman

This is Jacob Guerrero from Woonsocket.

Jacob is an Amazon delivery driver with a fetish for filming little girls. However, the biggest obstacle he faced in getting access to them was the fact that he is a dude, and it’s hard to get inside their homes. Luckily for him Democratic politicians have completely eliminated the concept of womanhood, since any man can put on a wig and some girl’s clothes (they don’t even have to do that really), declare themselves a woman, and immediately be allowed to access any bathroom on top of forcing other people to use the pronouns they’ve decided belong to them.

In 2018 Massachusetts voters took to the polls and made it law that men can use women’s bathrooms and locker rooms, as long as they tell you that they believe they are a woman.According to taxpayer funded WBUR it was absurd to suggest that a man like Jacob would ever dress up as a woman in order to gain access to a bathroom and get close to little girls while they pulled their pants down.

Opponents of the law ran a campaign that warned the law would leave women and girls vulnerable to men who would use the law as an opportunity to assault or spy on them.As WBUR’s Callum Borchers reported earlier, a June 2018 study by researchers in Boston and Davis, California, showed that since 2003, just 14 incidents involving men posing as women to access women’s facilities for nefarious crimes have occurred in the U.S. None happened in Massachusetts.

It never happened in Massachusetts guys. Your concerns over men exploiting this de facto honor system of gender identity in order to spy on girls in the bathroom are silly and ridiculous.


“A mother and daughter reported there was a person acting strange, a man dressed as a woman wearing a wig.”

Did Chief McGrath just assume this woman’s gender?

Why is Jacob Guerrero a “man dressed as a woman,” but Rachel Levine is the first female four star admiral in US History?

They both have a spam javelin between their legs.Rachel Levine’s has just been there for a lot longer than Jacob Guerrero’s.

I’d also like to point out that the women who saw this dude in the bathroom and reported him to the cops are transphobic bigots who should mind their own business, at least according to mainstream Democratic talking points. What if he really thinks he’s a woman and was just trying to take a bathroom selfie? He’s a woman because he said he is.

The cops should’ve arrested the whistle blowing Karens for endangering the BLT-123 community.Instead police used their bigotry to launch an investigation into Jacob Guerrero that happened to culminate in finding out that he had a whole lot of kiddie porn on his phone, put cameras in his shoes, and had been using his access as an Amazon driver to spy on more girls.

Why are investigators praising bigots? Sure, he’s a pedophile and a danger to children, but they didn’t know that when they launched their investigation. Every time a white woman calls the cops on a black person the Internet gives them a nickname and destroys their life.

So then why is it socially acceptable to contact the police when you see a transgender woman in the women’s bathroom? Would the cops go through a black person’s phone to see what’s in it every time a white woman called the cops on them over something they believed to be nefarious?

Transgender bathroom laws opened the door for this pervert to do what he did. All the people who told you it would never never happen are just gaslighting you. Men who believe they are women are suffering from a mental illness, and instead of humoring that and getting them the help they need we are forced to play along with their delusions while being told that our concerns were unfounded. Looks like they were wrong.

P.S. I can’t find this guy on Facebook or IG. If he has social media please send me a DM on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson or


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