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Are we living in the worst generation when it comes to CSA, child rape & trafficking?

“934 girls aged 10 – 14 fell pregnant” in South Africa last year.

“A total of 19,316 girls aged between 15 – 19 gave birth during the same period.”

“There are no statistics collected specifically on statutory rape by the Department of Health.”

Those are incredibly shocking & heartbreaking figures. As with all figures anyone puts out, especially governmental departments or organisations etc, you can add many more numbers on top. It’s the same with child trafficking or exploitation figures. Take them on face value & understand real numbers are usually much worst, unless you have people fear mongering people, who will always exaggerate figures.

This is why I really don’t take too much notice to statistics. To me, one kid being trafficked or exploited is too many.

The truth is the number of kids being raped, impregnated & forgotten about globally is catastrophic. There’s no point having laws or policies in place when they are not upheld or enforced by governments or courts. Take the maximum sentences for CSA, trafficking or exploitation crimes, they have some of the lowest conviction & sentencing rates in the world.

Until we have leaders who have child safety as their number one priority, we will not see change. It’s that simple. This is why, until the day I might run for prime minister, I concentrate mine & my teams efforts, resources & energy on making real changes & direct impacts to the kids, by helping & fighting for them on the frontline with our amazing partners & like minded people. It’s the only way we can tackle CSA, trafficking & exploitation. Laws & policies are not working. Talking & posting are great for awareness, but don’t change anything for kids on the ground.

I worry seeing government departments & organisations concentrating all their resources & energy on areas that do not make a single difference to kids locked in a house with a paedophile parent or kids being trafficked in broad daylight & as easy as ordering fast food through an app. I applaud them for the awareness they create, which don’t get me wrong is so needed, but unless kids are helped directly on the ground, our generation & those in future will just go around in circles. Unfortunately, in most cases of CSA when the authorities are involved, it’s too late! It takes one incident to damage a kid forever.

Police also need to review & change the way they deal & handle CSA cases. I am contacted by so many parents with horrible stories of dealing with police or child services. CSA must be taken more seriously by police & at this moment they don’t. They say they do in media, but that’s not the truth. That’s a whole different horrific subject.

There’s no easy fix I understand that totally, but we need to be the generation that says enough is enough. In the current messed up situation of this world, it’s tough for many like minded people wanting to help, but for the sake of all kids & future generations, start treating CSA, child trafficking & exploitation more seriously then a virus or anything else happening.

Why can’t you shout loud for kids being raped or trafficked, like you do for other catastrophic events or situations? Why do so many people organise national & international rally’s within days to scream about a virus, but you don’t do the same for our kid’s safety & protection? Why do you choose to sweep these incomprehensible evil crimes against kids under the carpet? Do we really put the safety of kids, our most precious assets, below everything else?

Valid questions most people reading this blog will forget about before you finish reading the article below.

A long time ago I was done with trying to convince people of the biggest pandemic in history, so that’s why you see me & my team getting stuck in on the ground. Not talking but acting.


934 girls aged 10 to 14 gave birth between April 2020 and March 2021 – Gauteng Health MEC

Another statistic- 14 yr old Memory Machaya died while giving birth. RIP angel

Johannesburg – Girls aged 10 to 14 fell pregnant and gave birth while South Africa experienced the first outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic last year. The trend of reported underage pregnancies and deliveries continued until March this year.

The details of teenage pregnancies in Gauteng were revealed by the provincial Health MEC, Dr Nomathemba Mokgethi, in her written reply to questions by the DA’s spokesperson on social development, Refiloe Nt’sekhe, in the provincial legislature on Tuesday.

Mokgethi said 934 girls aged between 10 and 14 gave birth between April and March this year.

A total of 19 316 girls aged between 15 and 19 years gave birth during the same period while 2 976 between the ages of 10 and 19 years had a choice to abort the foetus.

The number of these teenagers is 23 226.

Mokgethi said, however, her department did not have the profiles of the type of man who fathered these children. 

She said cases of statutory rape (sexual contact with a person who is under the age specified by law) were reported by health-care social workers at hospitals and clinics to the Department of Social Development, and by SAPS.

“There are no statistics collected specifically on statutory rape by the Department of Health. The cases are reported to SAPS and arrests remain their mandate,” Mokgethi said.

In her reaction, Nt’sekhe said the report indicated a great need by the Gauteng departments of Education, Social Development and Health to strengthen their teenage pregnancy and sex education campaigns to “conscientise the teenagers”.

“These numbers are sad and incredibly troubling considering that these young girls should still have bright futures ahead of them. Teenage pregnancy remains a serious social and health problem in South Africa.

“It poses a health risk to both mother and child, and it also has social consequences such as continuing the cycle of poverty and early school dropout,’ she said.

Nt’sekhe said the DA demanded the Gauteng departments of Social Development, Education and Health intensified their campaigns against teenage pregnancy “to 365 days a year” and make teenage pregnancy prevention a priority in schools.

“We also urge parents and guardians, as well as different stakeholders, to work with government departments to assist in curbing teenage pregnancy – a societal issue that is affecting young girls.

“Teenage girls should be taught about the consequences of teenage pregnancy and preventative measures to curb this. As for girls who are under the age of consent, they should also be taught their rights in this regard and to know that at no point is anyone allowed to force themselves on to them.

“The future of our girls can be saved through behaviour change with the correct knowledge and guidance provided by the provincial government,” she said.


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