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This is why Scott Morrison must stand down as Prime Minister

The Australian public is so sick of our kids being sexually abused, raped or groomed. The Australian government must be held accountable for these incomprehensible decisions being made, day in day out protecting child predators & rapists.

The cold hard truth is, nothing will change until there are leaders in place who stop lying to the people & most importantly stop putting innocent kids in our communities in harms way by allowing paedophiles & predators to walk free with impunity.

I’m so tired, as is everyone, to continually hear another paedophile has been granted bail or released.

These are crimes of the utmost evil. It takes only one incident for a kid to be damaged for life. Regardless of how young the kids are, they always remember. Many will never speak out, living a nightmare in silence. Other survivors will come out, but not for many years after their abuse because they fear not only their abuser, but also their family & or society who are very quick to disregard or downplay the allegations.

The government is clearly & has for many years, ignored & neglected kids. They know perfectly well what goes on, but refuse to stand up for our kids, our future generations. Scott Morrison it’s time you stepped down & were held accountable for your neglect to innocent kids.


Accused Sydney groomer of girl given bail

A Sydney man accused of grooming, drugging and sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl repeatedly has been granted bail as he awaits trial on more than a dozen charges.

Harley Jake Wills is accused of sexually abusing the girl in April and May last year, in a case which Supreme Court Justice Peter Garling in a bail hearing on Thursday described as reasonably strong.

However, Wills’ lawyer argued he should be granted bail to await trial for the 27 offences due to a litany of health issues and delays plaguing the justice system due to COVID-19.

The 31-year-old has kidney disease, sleep apnoea and a mild intellectual disability, she said.

Wills had also abided by an AVO put in place to protect the victim in the time between the alleged offences last year and his arrest in July.

“Mr Wills has shown that he can be compliant with orders of the court,” she said.

The victim, as a girl aged 13 and 14 at the time of the offences, was particularly vulnerable, Justice Garling pointed out.

“It is alleged that the applicant for bail not only took sexual advantage of the vulnerable complainant, but also provided drugs to her.”

But Wills was unlikely to face trial for at least 18 months, he said, and that – combined with his intellectual disability – was cause for bail to be granted.

Wills was effectively ordered into house arrest – allowed to leave only for work, bail reporting or medical and legal appointments.

He will next face court on September 9.


Meanwhile this predator is out in the community. I’ll guarantee you, he will be grooming again!

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