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DARK NET RESCUE – Mum’s partner arrested as cops save girl, 4, seen in Dark Web paedo vids after she turns him in.

Imagine if German police did not take the unusual step of going public with the images found on the DarkWeb?

Well, imagine all the other kids being raped or sexually abused just like this young girl & no one even knowing. Unfortunately, that’s the harsh reality for many kids!

As sad as it is to say, it’s absolutely vital parents do not trust anyone with their kids. As harsh as that my be to you, statistics clearly show from many sources, kids are sexually abused or raped by someone within the inner family circle. Relatives, friends, partners, neighbours, coaches, teachers…. the list is endless…. ANYONE.

This is no new pandemic parents, this abuse has been happening to kids for centuries, it’s just no one seems to want to talk about it or put it out there for parents to understand & be educated.

Single mums, you in particular MUST TAKE EXTRA CARE OF WHO YOU MEET & ALLOW INTO YOUR HOME. I’ve highlighted it before many times, paedophiles are targeting single mums on dating sites in an attempt to have mums fall in love, build trust, move in, & have easy access to the mums kids. DarkWeb paedophile chat forums show exactly what they chat about.

So back to the story of this blog:


COPS have arrested a man after a four-year-old girl being abused on the Dark Net was rescued.

He was turned in by the girl’s mum and grandparents after German police took the unusual step of going public with images of the young victim yesterday in a bid to identify her.

Police released images of a girl who had been filmed being abused in paedophile videos found on the Dark Web

Before midnight yesterday both victim and alleged abuser had been identified and a man is now in custody.

The suspect in the German paedophile case is 24 and was arrested in the district of Wesermarsch near Bremen.

He is the partner of his victim’s mum. He has been charged with nine counts of serious sexual abuse and posting the illegal images of his crimes on the so-called Darkweb. A judge travelled to the jail where he is being held – and quizzed by sex crime detectives – to formally charge him.

Police said evidence recovered from his apartment linked him to the victim. He will appear before a court soon on serous sexual abuse charges. The photos of the female victim were released with an appeal for information about who she is. Sun Online has chosen to subsequently blur her face now that she has been identified and saved.

Police said she was subjected to “serious sexual abuse” between October last year and July this year. Vile pictures of her suffering were uploaded to the Dark Net by her tormentor – images said to have sickened hardened lawmen.

Chief prosecutor Georg Ungefuk from the Central Office for Combating Cyber Crime said of the perpetrator: “He is a German citizen. The man is being questioned. The girl is also German and four years old.

“He was arrested in an apartment by state police.”

According to the Bild newspaper the arrest took place in Lower Saxony.

Ungefuk took the decision to release the images of the girl on a Monday stating, “This is the last measure to identify the perpetrator. We only fell back on this as all other possibilities have not led to finding out who she is.

“We assume that the child is further exposed to the perpetrator’s access,” Ungefuk added. She is now in the care of child psychiatrists.

Parents, only you can protect your kids from paedophiles on & offline. First steps, understanding this is a gigantic problem & be willing to open up to educate yourself about these dark topics. The old saying, “Oh it’s too hard to talk about or read” is just bullshit. There is no excuse for turning a blind eye anymore on these topics.

The End.

So guys my tip of the day…. Parents who are more aware & educated on facts, are more able to protect their kids. There’s nothing more important in this world, then the safety of our kids.


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