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Judge Who Pimped His 12-Year-Old Daughter Kicked Off the Bench.

Well… what can I say about this disgrace!

The 55-year-old former head of the family court in Dijon, France, has been kicked out for attempting to offer his 12-year-old daughter as a sex toy on a “libertine” dating site.

The father, referred to in French media reports as Olivier B., was vice-president of the Dijon judicial court where he ran the family affairs division. He was a magistrate judge, which means he heard less complex cases than full judges.

Olivier B was arrested last June for “aggravated corruption of minors” for “offering, even without effect, to a person to commit rape against a minor, sexual assault or corruption of a minor.” He is still under criminal investigation.

The head of the Council of the Magistracy Paul Huber ruled that the perverted magistrate has “lost all legitimacy” and “seriously damaged” the image of the French judicial system for his crimes and must never return to the bench. 

Olivier B., who was allegedly a member of the dating site, had for a time offered his wife to strangers for sex and had only recently offered his 12-year-old daughter on the site. 

Media reports say no one attempted to meet with the daughter despite the magistrate’s posting of her photo in a swimsuit. A user of the site reported the posting to the authorities who were able to identify, arrest and indict the magistrate judge after an undercover investigation. The daughter was also interviewed but insisted she had never been forced to carry out sexual favors at her father’s request.

Pauline Neveu, the lawyer for the defendant, agreed that his client’s behavior was “filthy” and insisted that the postings of the young girl were just “fantasies that he would never have materialized,” and that he would have never consented to her meeting anyone. “He is a terrible disgrace for what he did,” Neveu said, but insisted that his client suffered from trauma, using the so-called “Pierrot the madman” defense, named after the trial of Pierre Bodein, who gained clemency for serial rape after proving temporary insanity.

A criminal trial date has not been set. The magistrate faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted.


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