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HIV POSITIVE paedophile ‘Jade William Brooker’ admits to 38 crimes against children ‘BUT HEY HE GETS A BONUS DISCOUNT!’

There are a lot of people out there who don’t believe in the death penalty. There are arguments in many cases/crimes both for & against the death penalty. I believe some innocent people may have been sentenced to death wrongly, BUT BUT BUT ANYONE WHO SEXUALLY ABUSES, RAPES OR MURDERS INNOCENT DEFENCELESS KIDS, LIKE THIS EVIL EVIL PARASITE ***MUST*** BE SENTENCED TO DEATH!

Now, all the human rights activists can have a cry, but I’ll guarantee you none of them would let this animal babysit their kids! There is no cure, there is no rehabilitation for these paedophiles, & there is definitely no deterrent in Western countries for them to stop or be scared of the appalling judicial system, that in fact has proven itself time & time again, to support & protect the paedophile.

As an example, they plead guilty & their sentences are drastically reduced!!!! I mean come on! Does the victim receive a discount on their life sentence?? I can tell you they don’t. Survivors of child sexual abuse & exploitation live with the nightmares & scares for life. The thing is, western governments just don’t care.

The life long sentence the kids receive at the hands of these monsters is always ignored or swept under the table out of sight out of mind type attitude by authorities & media.

Mandatory death must be the only form of punishment for these inhuman animals.

Thanks to Kloe for sharing the screenshots below:

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