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UK mom killed hubby with boiling water for allegedly sexually abusing her kids

I can tell you, if this mother had gone to the police & or courts to seek help they’d have taken the kids off her, given the kids to the abusing paedophile & taken away her parental rights.

We live in a very broken system. As system that is meant to help & protect kids, but in fact does the exact opposite. It protects & helps the paedophiles.

I have very good, passionate police officer friends in the UK, USA & Australia, who work in the child protection units. I can tell you, they also are appalled at the bullshit that they have to deal with in such cases. Unfortunately, they can’t speak out while in the job.

There are many examples of protective parents who find out their kids have been, or are being sexually abused by the other parent, only to be thrown the ‘you’re a alienating parent’ card by the abuser & their family lawyer.

I even have 2 parents in contact with me who believe their partners have sexually abused their kids, but are going through divorce & are too scared to lose the kids if this is brought up in court!! They have been told it can happen by their lawyers.

How fucked is our system when a parent is literally too scared to expose a paedophile because the court will protect the paedophile over the kids?? It infuriates me like nothing else.

The deplorable system in Western countries allows predators & paedophiles to stroll freely in our communities with impunity. Governments don’t care. Police don’t care or are too busy with other jobs & can not even monitor the registered sex offenders.

This is why paedophiles are usually so cocky if arrested (most don’t get arrested), they know there’s going to be no prison time. Not that prison for these parasites does anything but only educates them more, by being segregated with other paedophiles away from other prisoners.

The alienating parent card is the classic defence by the abuser in court cases involving kids. Just about all cases I know of or heard of, the judge plays along with the parental alienation card, & gives the abuser custody of the kids. This is no secret, propaganda or myth, it’s fact.

Then there are those who help protect abused kids & protective parents, only to be treated as criminals by media, paedophiles & their sympathisers. Classic case of protectors cast as criminals & police coverups…

So do you agree with what the mother in the below article from NY POST did, after she found out her husband sexually abused their kids? Is the system making protective parents take matters into their own hands in order to protect their kids from paedophiles? leave a comment below.


An enraged British mom was sentenced to life in prison for killing her husband with a boiling mixture of water and sugar after she was told he had sexually assaulted her two children.

Corinna Smith, who was convicted of killing her husband after he allegedly abused her children.

Prosecutors say Corinna Smith, 59, of Neston, near Liverpool, poured the superheated liquid over Michael Baines, 80, as he slept in their bed last year, according to reports. He suffered burns over one-third of his body and died weeks later from his injuries.

Prosecutors told a local court the sugar “made the liquid more viscous, thicker and stickier, so that it stays on the skin and causes greater damage.”

Smith, reportedly “livid” and “fuming” at news of her spouse’s alleged predatory behavior, mixed two kettles of water with three bags of sugar before attacking Baines in bed.

He died in the hospital five weeks later after repeated surgery and skin grafts.

Smith’s daughter claimed Baines had sexually abused her and her brother “for many years when they were children.” The brother, Craig, committed suicide in 2007, and had been imprisoned for an assault.

He had told his mother the man he attacked was a “pedophile” who had “touched him sexually,” according to reports.

She will serve a minimum of 12 years in jail before she can be considered for parole.


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