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Single Mums Targeted On Dating Sites

I’ve expressed concern about this for some time. My DarkWeb team has monitored paedophile forums in different chats inside the DarkWeb & it’s very clear, targeting single mums is easy. Mums are being groomed by child predators, building a real relationship (so the mum thinks), in order for one reason, to gain easy unrestricted access to the mums kids.

Remove all private details from your bios

The grooming process can take years, but that’s how they do it. You’ll eventually move in together, eventually you’ll trust the peadophile being alone with your kids while you go to work, & that’s mission complete.

Mums continue to share pictures they think are innocent but to a sick predator, those innocent pictures are a sexual turn on.

Almost weekly I post on my social media reminding single mums in particular to close their public social media profiles, & to remove all private details from their bios. I’ve observed many mums take the message seriously & immediately change their bios & make their accounts private.

Unfortunately, many mums even though they see me warning them, or law enforcement warning them, they refuse to take the safety of their kids seriously. It’s a classic case of, it’s not going to happen to me or my kids.

My the below article will push those who follow my profile, but still see no need to act. I’m shocked that mums can’t see the dangers to posting all their kids details. You are literally building the paedophiles profile of your kids, yourself. Why? I’ll never understand, except the fact it’s a social media status thing, that maybe they think is cool.


They have one thing on their mind, and that’s children’: Paedophiles are using dating apps to target single mothers – as top cop urges women to not share pictures of their kids or even reveal they have them

  • Detective Jon Rouse warns mothers not to post photos of kids on dating apps
  • Single parents are warned not to reveal they have kids until they meet in person
  • Queensland man was arrested after he abused a child of a woman he met online

Paedophiles are using dating apps to target single mothers, police have warned.

Jon Rouse, a Detective Inspector who runs the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation has issued a stern warning to mothers not to share any photos of their children online.

Mr Rouse said single parents shouldn’t reveal they even have kids until meeting the person in real life, amid fears paedophiles will prey on their ‘vulnerable’ children.

‘Child sex offenders are using dating apps… and targeting single and lonely women with children,’ Mr Rouse told The Courier Mail

He said children who have a single parent are more at risk of being targeted by predators.

‘They have one thing on their mind, and that’s children,’ he said.

‘The predators will always look for vulnerable children, and in many cases, single parent children are more vulnerable.’

The warning comes in the wake of a Queensland man who police recently arrested after he abused the child of a woman he had been dating.

He was busted after police found videos of the abuse after he shared it online.

Julie Inman Grant, an eSafety Commissioner said predators using dating apps was ‘every parent’s worst nightmare’. 

She said parents should avoid posting any photos with children onto their online profiles and be ‘cautious’ if the person they are speaking with seems overly interested in their kids.

Several popular dating apps ban photos of unaccompanied children, including Bumble and Tinder.

Another online dating platform, RSVP ban images of children altogether.

Single mothers are warned not to even mention they have children until they meet the person they are speaking to online in real life.


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