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Know The Basics About Child Sexual Exploitation

Knowing some basic facts, goes a long way to understanding and educating yourself, about child trafficking and exploitation.

Child sexual exploitation refers to the sexual abuse of a person below the age of 18, as well as to the production of images and videos of such abuse and the sharing of those images/videos online.

Online child sexual exploitation is a constantly evolving pandemic, and a multi million dollar illegal industry, which is shaped by developments in technology. Law enforcement struggle with the sheer volume of abusers and the difficulty there is to investigate.

As we see more and more mobile connectivity, growing internet coverage in developing countries like Kenya and the development of pay-as-you-go streaming solutions, which provide a high degree of anonymity to the viewer, are furthering the trend in the commercial live-streaming of child sexual abuse, with countries like the Philippines a major hotspot.

Paedophiles and traffickers always utilize a manipulative process called “grooming” in order to gain the family’s and victim’s trust, providing them with more access to the child.

Some grooming behaviors parents need to look out for include:

• Special attention, outings, and gifts
• Isolating the child from others
• Filling the child’s unmet needs
• Filling needs and roles within the family
• Treating the child as if he or she is older
• Gradually crossing physical boundaries, and becoming increasingly intimate/sexual
• Use of secrecy, blame, and threats to maintain control.

Remember, child sexual abuse occurs at every socioeconomic level, across ethnic and cultural lines, within all religions and at all levels of education.

Through raising awareness and educating yourself and others, together we can help stop kids being abused by paedophiles and traffickers.

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