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Victims Need More Priority

I believe too much out there on social media & main stream media, focuses on the predator & not enough focus or support, is out there for their victims.

Speaking to countless kids & their families they always tell me, no one cares or speaks for them. Anyone who speaks out is threatened or attacked online by paedophiles & their sympathisers.

It’s the same with the appalling & disgraceful, paedophile friendly system in all Western countries, where the focus is always on the safety & protection of the paedophile.

No thought or priority is ever given to the innocent kids or their families who suffer so much.

That’s why I try to focus on the kids, who are subjected to life sentences of nightmare memories.

Together, we need to turn our focus more on the kids, supporting & giving them their voices & not on the parasite paedophiles.

At our second event @projectrescuechildren @largestlunch on 1st October at the Gold Coast Convention Centre, hosted by @beincofficial we will have a single mother, who was groomed by a paedophile & her daughter who was raped by her stepfather, as special guests & speak of their horrific stories. Giving them both back their strength & freedom.

Kids must always come first!

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