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Paedophiles Are Everywhere

Adam Whittington

There are so many paedophiles all over the world who continue to breathe the same air with us with complete impunity, walk our streets and live happily in our neighborhood while their victims live life sentences of hell.

Some very close. Friends, neighbors, teachers, and even parents. But around this topic, the conspiracy of silence only intensifies and fuels a paedophile to reoffend over and over. A part of a paedophiles grooming process is their ultimate weapon, ‘silence.’ Australia is becoming a safe haven for predators and paedophiles. Protected like an endangered species.

They will groom you, and anyone close to them in order to keep a respectable image so when and if their victim talks, the child is not believed. They will always blame their victims young and innocent, knowing most people do not believe kids. They will join together and attack anyone who gets a smell of who they really are, like flies to shit.

They will accuse the protective parent of being alienating and pull their alienating victim card out their pocket. Even with government bodies acknowledging the sexual abuse took place, they’ll go on a campaign attacking those bodies just to give themselves some sort of credibility back.

Judges in Australia are some of the worst on this planet who refuse to acknowledge sexual abuse took place regardless of overwhelming evidence to support the abuse. Then the paedophiles will use a judges comment that their was no abuse, as their ultimate safe card. If a protective parent whispers the word sexual abuse against the other parent the judge will immediately give the paedophile custody. What type of world do we live in! This is silencing the kids!

Because a relative turns out to be a paedophile, which is hard to believe, because a respected teacher, a loved one, or the son of a best friend turns out to be a paedophile. Unfortunately, many within the family circle preferring not to notice the problem. And children for the rest of their lives are left with untreated trauma, and sometimes, having survived violence and harassment, they are forced to face a paedophile every day and look into their predators eyes as they try to sleep.

To eradicate pedophilia, the first step is to break the conspiracy of silence. To break the conspiracy of silence, you need to tell someone, while the rest of us need to speak out and stand behind any kid who takes that first step to talk. It takes a lot of energy to talk about the experience of violence.

To all victims of sexual abuse, you are not alone anymore. To all you kids who have tried to talk but no one believes you, I believe you. The day they silence me is the day I’m six feet under.

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