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Paedophiles Target Single Mums

We have addressed this issue a couple times recently. Single mums being targeted by paedophiles through dating sites, solely to manipulate the mother into a relationship, to gain access to her kid(s).

I’ve been chatting to a single mum recently who fell victim to just this situation. Her daughter 10 yrs old, sexually abused & raped by the step father until the girl spoke out 3 yrs later. It’s a horrific story, saddened by the fact again, family have not supported the mother at all. There are so many paedophile sympathisers out there, it’s unbelievable. Friends & family who support the paedophile before & after seeing bucket loads of evidence or after they confess. The majority of paedophiles DO NOT get charged or arrested, even after police interview them. Understand that, even with evidence against them, they are not being dealt with & free back in our communities.

I’ll interview this amazingly strong mum on my new podcast soon. You’ll hear her & her daughters story yourself, & not on some pathetic FB exposing paedophile page, that misleads its followers. This paedophile confessed to all, & is currently in prison on remand awaiting his sentence. The details are shocking, but it’s vitally important we share & raise awareness, so other mothers do not fall victim to another master of manipulation!

I will also show images, videos & audio about this case.

As numerous people’s pages who are being outspoken about paedophiles are disappearing, go over to my back up FB page – ‘Adam Whittington’ (image attached) if this page gets wiped out. These days no one can speak the truth.

Be good guys & always stand up for kids.

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