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Raped By A British Paedophile


He was 12 years old when raped by a British paedophile. When I met him & after telling me in details what had happened to him, he asked me to never stop helping the forgotten kids. I promised him, I’ll never rest & in return he promised me the same. Yesterday he sent me this message on a poster.
He also promised me, no matter how hard things get, he won’t quit on life. Giving him hope & guidance along the way is all most kids need. It’s all these kids want. They don’t need immaterial rubbish. What we don’t see posted over social media is the reality of the devastation & harm paedophiles cause their victims, young victims who so often turn to suicide as a way to end their heinous nightmares.
Innocent lives ended, while the perpetrators continue freely in our communities with immunity from prosecution while destroying more kids lives.

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