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Kids Only Need Encouragement and Guidance

Kids only need encouragement & guidance. When I first met Nancy, her story shattered me inside, but I kept calm when I told her story live on video. Reality, I cried off screen at the horrific details she endured for so long. Abuse that was so bad, she’s since lost all feelings in her right arm.
Nancy, & the millions of kids like her, who have suffered tremendously at the hands of paedophiles, are the real unsung forgotten heroes.
We have sponsored Nancy ever since that first day I met her & her beautiful mum.
We also pushed authorities with our partners, to get her a birth certificate, which she never had. Now, she’s going to school, has a legal identity, & most importantly… FREE from abuse. That’s courage!
Everyone can play a part, whether sharing or raising awareness… whether you have 1 or 5 million followers… whether you’re in Australia, the USA or Russia. Your excuses mean nothing to me or kids like Nancy.
So now tell me, what’s more important in this world, then to help ALL kids?

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